Photo Retouching

Photo Retouching

Remove irregularities such as spots, a tag or a reflection from a photograph using Image Retouching. Our team of experts knows how to handle your photo retouching needs such as Photoshop retouching with a clone stamp tool. Your photograph retouching and spot touch up needs will be handled by experts in the field. We have a plethora of image retouching software that will cater to all your whims.

How do I remove unwanted things from my images? How can I get rid of unwanted elements in my images? How can I make changes in image background?

We remove unsuitable objects and areas in an image with the help of stamping tools in Photoshop. We recreate and rectify the background as per your request. We complete this time-consuming work with great legibility.

Six more reason why design production outsourcing to SMART CLIPPING PATH is the key to be successful in this highly competitive market:

  • Perfect handmade clipping path Our professional clipping team guarantees you perfect quality and 100% satisfaction. To prepare the best quality of our handmade in your clipping path Design.
  • It’s more cost effective than doing it yourself Calculate yourself how much it costs to produce clipping paths with your existing human resources. You will be surprised how much cheaper we can produce for you!
  • Delivery within 4 – 24 hours Our maximum turnaround time is 24 hours. If you only have a few images to be clipped, you can expect the turnaround time to be even shorter. To guarantee a 24-hour turnaround time, SMART CLIPPING PATH advises you to inform us if you wish to send more 4,000 pictures in a day. We have an express service where we process your images between 4-5 hours at a reasonable additional cost.
  • Experienced in the design industry SCP management has more than several year experience in the design industry and experience in online and data delivery management. Use our experience for your benefit.
  • We are an outsourcing company in world wide.
  • Client’s satisfaction is our best capital.

If you are looking for a quality design service provider from Asian Subcontinent then you can easily release your loads and cost by outsourcing at us to concentrate on your core business or creative activities.